Reiki Classes

Reiki I

Is designed for those who want to open themselves up to channel the Reiki energy. It teaches you how to sense the energy and give treatments to yourself and others. In this first Reiki experience you are attuned to the Reiki energy in order to perform physical healing. This is the practitioner’s level in which you learn to heal yourself. You also learn how to perform a healing on another person who is physically present. Reiki Level 1 is “hands-on” and focuses primarily on the physical body.

Reiki II

Is designed for those serious individuals who are interested in offering Reiki professionally to others. The second Reiki Attunement deepens your connection to the universal life force energy and strengthens your ability to channel that energy. At this level you will deepen your personal growth and transformation.

Advance Reiki Training

The Reiki practitioner will learn several strategies for refining and increasing the Reiki experience for both the practitioner and the client in Advanced Reiki Techniques. Including using additional tools and techniques. Our aim is that the practitioner will build on these strategies to create their unique type of advanced Reiki experience.

Reiki Master

Is designed for those serious individuals who are interested in teaching Reiki to others and for those who truly want to become a beacon of light. This class teaches you the attunement process for all three levels. If you have a desire to teach and empower others with Reiki energy, then this class is your ultimate destination. As a Master Teacher, you have everything you need to confer First, Second, Third, and Master Teacher degrees.