Richard Pacheco

Welness Specialist

Rev. Richard A. Pacheco

Founder, CEO

Rev. Richard Pacheco was born and raised in NYC for most of his life. After 911, he followed a company he worked with to NJ and then finally to PA. He lives with his wife and four children in Nanticoke, PA. During his time in New Jersey, he was introduced to a home business that began his personal development and self-improvement journey. After a challenge he experienced during an operation, he realized how fleeting life could be and wanted to be the best he can be. The event turned into a journey of self-discovery, and a spiritual calling began. Listening to an audio lesson by Randy Gage, he was introduced to Unity. He found the next calling in his journey and has become an ordained minister in the Unity movement. During his eight years of study, he had also looked at how he can serve others. He became a reiki practitioner, teenage meditation teacher, ho’opono’pono practioner. Knowing the many people who helped him, he wanted to reach others and became certified as a master life coach and a certified spiritual coach. His vision is to help others find and stay on their journey while continuing on his.